USA PUB Workshop—October 16-19, 2006

LaSells Stewart Center | Oregon State University, Corvallis

Speakers' Talks

Presentation Title
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Christopher Duffy A Personal View of Hydrologic Prediction
Strategies & Tools for a Hydrologic Conversation
pub-duffy.pdf (2.2MB, 36 pages)
Efi Foufoula-Georgiou Connecting Process and Form: New Results on Scaling and Implications for Modeling and Prediction in Ungauged Basins pub-foufoula.pdf (1.4MB, 44 pages)
Jim Freer Appropriate Bayesian uncertainty estimation approaches in a world of observational uncertainties pub-freer.pdf (2.6MB, 37 pages)
Gordon Grant, et alia Is Geology Destiny?
A geologic framework for predicting streamflows in ungaged catchments
pub-grant.pdf (1.5MB, 19 pages)
Hoshin Gupta & Yuqiong Liu Reconciling Theory With Observations:.Towards a Diagnostic Approach To Model Evaluation pub-gupta.pdf (691KB, 26 pages)
Witold Krajewski On the Need for New Radar Technologies pub-krajewski.pdf (3.1MB, 20 pages)
Praveen Kumar Hydroclimatology: The Missing Component of PUB pub-kumar.pps (11.3MB, 42 pages)
Upmanu Lall Modeling LARGE river basins pub-lall.pdf (3.8MB, 35 pages)
Ian Littlewood International PUB Implementation pub-littlewood.pdf (7.0MB, 31 pages)
Jonathan Phillips Thresholds as a Characteristic .Form of Hydrologic & Geomorphic Systems pub-phillips.pdf (7.9MB, 42 pages)
David Post Integrating top-down and bottom-up modelling approaches pub-post.pdf (2.3MB, 21 pages)
John Selker Fiber Optic Temperature in Hydrology ...(and other revolutionary tools) pub-selker.pdf (3.3MB, 38 pages)
Murugesu Sivapalan PUB and a Vision for .a New Science of Hydrology pub-siva.pdf (717KB, 41 pages)
David Tarboton, et alia Developing a Community Hydrologic Information System pub-tarboton.pdf (1.8MB, 35 pages)
Thorsten Wagener Towards an Uncertainty .Framework for PUB pub-wagener.pdf (3.2MB, 32 pages)
David Wolock (and Tom Winter) Hydrologic-landscape regions pub-wolock.pdf (3.0MB, 21 pages)
Ross Woods Global Similarity Indices for MEan and Seasonal Hydrology of Ungauged Basins pub-woods.pdf (6.2MB, 42 pages)